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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let's go shopping in Paris this Christmas.

Some more Paris at Christmas shots.

Nothing quite like this in Oz. This is as much of the Christmas tree as I could fit in - La Fayette on the Grands Boulevards. It was so lovely to browse, get sprayed with French fragrances, sit in one of the booths looking down on all the Christmas frivolity.

And this would be nearer the bottom of this amazing tree. It'll be twinkling away but I'm not there to see it!

A lovely coffee at Starbucks, Champs Elysee after all that shopping.

A little rest on the steps of Sacre Coeur. What a lovely sunny day it was and didn't Paris look wonderful from this spot.

Back to the Arc de Triomphe for a rest between shopping, eating and coffee.

A little stroll along the Pont Alexander 111 is in order in the icy afternoon.

Looking back towards Pont Alexander 111. Someone had enjoyed a little Christmas celebration and forgot to clean up. Not me, I swear!

The fountain was freezing up. It'd be a lot worse this year with the snow everywhere!


I've told you in a previous post how much I love the Tour Eiffel, especially when it's in lights and twinkling. This is taken near the Arc de Triomphe roundabout.

Let's finish the night meeting up with Aussie family members at Place Teatre at Montmarte for a lovely warming meal and stroll around the Place and the souvenier shops.


  1. Ah, que j'adore Paris. Love, LOVE your pictures. I haven't been to France since I was 15, and I've been homesick for it ever since! Sigh.

  2. Tracy, I know how you feel, sighs also!

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog ~ I love the Place du Teatre & Galleries La Fayette & well !! everything French~ I've always travelled in the Autumn but can imagine it would be so very pretty dusted with snow.

  4. Dianne: Thanks for dropping by and commenting. It is gorgeous dusted with snow.:)

  5. Great tree. More great photos. Very nice. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Came over to check you out. Love the photos.

  6. Great photos! That Christmas tree is truly amazing.

  7. Oh how lucky you are to have spent Christmas in Paris! That's a stunning Christmas tree.
    What a cool picture of those 4 different colored umbrellas in the snow.

  8. OH! You lucky Girl. Wish I was there.

    Happy New Year

  9. How did I miss this post? Never mind, I'm here now! I love Paris at this time of year, thank you for the pictures, reminders and the short vicarious trip!

  10. Christmas Shopping in Paris must be very fun!
    Every photo is very beautiful.

  11. Lisa: Yes, I know I'm so lucky!

    La Petite Gallery: Wish I was too!

    Amie: Thanks for visiting! Paris makes snow looks pretty!

    Kumiko: It is. Very beautiful!

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