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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Murder in the Palais Royal

I just finished reading a detective book, Murder in the Palais Royal, by Cara Black. How come I haven't heard of her before? Have you? I discover that she's written a whole series of Murder in...
  • Murder in the Marais 
  • Murder in Belleville
  • Murder in the Sentier
  • Murder in the Bastille
  • Murder in Clichy
  • Murder in Montmarte
  • Murder in the Ile Saint-Louis
  • Murder in the Rue de Paradis
  • Murder in the Latin Quarter
So why did I list them all? So I have a record for when I'm looking for another. I feel quite happy that I know all these areas, which is the reason I enjoyed Murder in the Palais Royal so much. I remember spending a pleasant day there, part of my search for the Paris Collette. At the time the fountain was frozen so that was a treat. It was also fun getting photos of the 260 columns of black-striped sculptures by  Daniel Buren which are described in the book.

These books have as their heroine P.I. Aimee Leduc - fearless, risk-taking, all the while dressed in vintage Chanel and Dior and Louboutin heels. I was impressed how she went shopping for vintage shoes while she was facing being arrested for murder! A unique heroine alright!

MURDER IN THE PALAIS ROYAL begins when Aimee Leduc, sharing some, ahem, quiet moments with her newest boyfriend, Mathieu, receives a call from her partner, Rene Friant. One hundred thousand francs have been deposited into the Leduc Detective Agency bank account. Regrettably, no one owes them so much money and Rene is afraid Aimee has done something less than legal. A short time later, Rene is shot and Aimee is the principal suspect...
USA Today says: "No contemporary writer of noir mysteries evokes the spirit of Paris more than Cara Black in her atmospheric series..."

Very true. The stories are pure escapism, a little weak on plot, but tres enjoyable.

Pick one up if you can.


  1. I like the sound of these - thank you for sharing!

  2. I have never heard of her either, will keep an eye out for her when I visit the library. Thanks. Diane

  3. I wonder when she'll bring out Murder in Seine Saint Denis, or Murder in le Neuf Trois. One thing's for certain, she wouldn't have to go far to find it... :)
    (they are dodgy areas)

    A PI in Louboutins and vintage Dior? Wow, I'm in the wrong job!!

  4. Good tip; they sound like an excellent 'escape' read for summer days!

  5. Margo, Diane, Sarah, Niall..: Thanks for stopping by. I hope you pick up one of these books and enjoy them. Let me know if you remember who told you first!

    Sarah: Yes, I can just imagine Murder in Seine Saint Denis! Bit creepy at night!



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