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Friday, April 27, 2012

Let's go to Mont St Michel on Tour de France day! First Aussie win!

The sun sets over Mont St Michel

On our last visit to France we got very lucky. We'd planned to stay in Mont St Michel overnight and were delighted to get an email from our hotel advising us that our booking coincided with the Tour de France. They actually thought we'd be upset as some roads would be closed and your could only walk to the Mont on this day. Well, as our hotel was about half a kilometre from the Mont I didn't see a problem. We were delighted! And this was the year when the Aussie, Cadel Evans, took the gong! It was a pretty awesome day, swinging between trippin' up the Mont and cheering on the cyclists.

First view of the Mont in the distance is pretty spectacular

Getting closer is exciting

Let's hurry back! The Tour de France riders are approaching and my husband (recently returned from our visit to Morocco is so excited I thought the gendarmes would arrest us as suspicious characters. But they took no notice...) 

First sighting! Is Cadel Evans (the Aussie winner for 2011) in the lead?

Man, here they all are already! These guys mean business. The palindrome or whatever they call it.

Took a lot of gendarmes to keep us in order. 

I had to escape to the cloisers of Mont St Michel to recover from all the excitement.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Mont ST Michel on July 7, 2011. Go Aussie!


  1. This is a place I would really love to visit, I will get there one day. Seeing the TDF there as well was a big bonus :) Have a great weekend. Diane

  2. Another favorite place. I've been there twice. Once with a group of students and a second with my spouse. We took a very slow hike to the top as this was before her knee replacement surgery but she said it was worth it... ;)


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