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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Stroll Around the Left Bank

It's amazing how alive Paris is. A walk around Paris at an time of day in any season, will leave you richer for the experience. Last visit we stayed at this gorgeous 17th Century hotel right on the Seine, opposite Notre Dame. We didn't have to walk far to be immersed into Parisian life. Have a stroll with me...

Right opposite our hotel were the Left Bank artists and booksellers. Great for browsing.

Always confronting to see the homeless in any city, and in Paris it's no different.

Love these little water fountains. Water for all.

There's always something happening on the bridges. Check out the locks in the background.

Don't you love these symbols of eternal love? I'm off to write a story about them...

Hope you enjoyed your stroll through Paris. Call again...


  1. Great to see you back blogging again ans such gorgeous photos. Looking forward to reading you story about eternal love. Thanks for the reminders of Paris. Keep well Diane

  2. Love this article as it reminds me of our last trip to Paris,end of May this year,stayed in Montmartre! Those water fountains are called Wallace fountains after the man who provided them to parisians,about 50 in all around city.We walked the left bank too and were amazed at the amount of locks on a bridge directly behind Notre Dame!Over now to Peters Paris for another french fix!

  3. Diane, thanks for visiting. And thanks for following RomanticFridayWriters. That's lovely. We write romantic stories every second Friday.

    talesfromagarden: I knew they had a name, but thank you saving me looking it up again. Wallace Fountains. No wonder I saw so many! I love those locks. The ones I showed are across from Notre Dame.

    I adore Peter's Paris blog.


  4. I spend very little time in big cities either in the UK or France. When I do I find it very difficult to pass a homeless person or a beggar, especially if I've made eye contact.

    I know there are a lot who choose begging as their employment but there are genuine cases of need.

    I recognise places form your photographs. Good to have you blogging about France again.

  5. Good to have you visiting again Gaynor.I'll try to be more regular now.D

  6. Do you have any clue how restless this blog makes me feel? I have no kitchen window so I wash dishes with a black and white poster of Paris before my eyes. Someday...

  7. Ah Wanderer. I hope you get there soon! D.
    It makes me restless too. If I don't get to move to France in this lifetime, I hope I get a second chance, lol! D

  8. What a wonderful stroll. Lets go again.... :)


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